• Vegan Lashes

    Our lash trays are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty-free. Made from soft poly fiber, our handmade fans are Smooth like Satin.

  • 16 Rows

    Each tray contains 16 rows and metallic backing for ensured placement of each row.

  • "Smooth Like Satin"

    Our "Smooth Like Satin" Lash Trays, fan like butter to create a seamless, fine lash stem for your lash fans.

Featured In

Shoutout Atlanta: Our CEO Jamestina Davies had a captivating feature by Shoutout Atlanta, where the remarkable journey of this lash luminary and her brand was unveiled, tracing the humble beginnings.

The article shines a spotlight on Jamestina's unwavering determination and the evolution of Jamestina Beauty into a celebrated and empowering force within the lash community.

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